30 August / / photography

Second year of Covid did not made vacation planning any easier. We threw our bike packing plans through southern france over board and joined friends in Istria instead.

28 June / / photography

Originally we planned to experience the south-african heat this year. However, COVID-19 forced us to focus more on our local bavarian nature which is worth a trip without a doubt.

15 February / / photography

In the last year we traveled to India to visit some expats of the family. We stayed in Mumbai most of the time and did some proper sight seeing there. I can highly recommend to go to India during our miserable German winter season to experience the hot and dusty weather there.

27 March / / photography

After raving to Tiesto we spent some stormy days in the Netherlands. The street pictures were made in Amsterdam. The beach is located near Ouddorp.

Today’s enterprise security staff cannot keep up with the fast moving DevOps software development model using their old waterfall-like gatekeeping control structures. At work I am heavily involved in that shift-left-of-security-transformation, which lead to this collection of notes.

03 June / / photography

Without any preparation or a defined route we tried to reach a mountain top near St. Johann in Tirol, Austria in March. More snow than expected and bad weather prevented us from achieving our ambitious goal.

27 January / / blog / coding / jekyll / ayeksde / cicd

In the last month I implemented CI/CD in multiple projects. Some of them were Javascript applications, others Python Flask REST Backends and Jekyll apps. I also used CI/CD methods to automate the generation of my LaTeX Awesome CV..

25 January / / blog / coding / LaTeX / cicd
30 May / / photography

In the easter holidays we did a trip through Italy and visited a friend that is currently studying in Milano. I would recommend Rome for sight seeing, Bologna for food and Milano for both.

15 December / / blog / coding / linux / kernel / intelsgx / research

In my last year at university (2015-2016) I developed a linux kernel module which secures the Linux Crypto API using the Intel Software Guard Extensions. That was not a trivial task because multiple difficulties occured during the design and implementation. In the end the result was pretty solid and I was nominated for the CAST-Förderpreis IT-Sicherheit 2016 in Darmstadt.

06 August / / photography

This summer we did a tour to north germany and south sweden. By car we traveled through Berlin, Sassnitz, Binz, took the ferry to Trelleborg, drove through Ystad and settled for 4 days in Malmö.

01 April /

Currently I am developing Linux Kernel modules and normal user-mode applications in parallel. I needed a function which prints the content of a char array to the console, the syslog and the kernel log.

05 January / / blog / coding / windows / intelsgx
30 November / / blog / coding / linux / kernel

I wanted to modify the Linux Kernel and execute it in QEMU. After multiple hours of searching the web, reading poor guides, tracking debian package bugs and hacking I finally found a way to do that. In the end it is quite simple…