Leveraging ChatGPT for Kubernetes Security.

Can ChatGPT make my daily job as Kubernetes Security Engineer easier?

Notes on automating and scaling security.

Spoiler - Security shifts from being a gatekeeper to enabling teams to be secure by default

Monitoring temperature, humidity, pressure and air quality.

Using the Bosch BME680 sensor on a RaspberryPi, collecting the data with InfluxDB and visualizing it with Grafana.

Automate build, test and deploy of a static Jekyll site.

Over the last months my interest in code integration and deployment increased a lot. As a consequence I tried to automate everything around this site.

Automate Awesome CV with xelatex and GitLab CI.

I was tired of installing the complete LaTeX package - so I automated the LaTeX stuff in GitLab.

Master Thesis: TresorSGX.

Securing storage encryption by using Intel SGX enclaves. First attempt for the isolation of OS components with trusted enclaves. Nominated for the CAST-Förderpreis and published at SysTEX'16.

How to print memory as hex to console, syslog, kernellog..

I couldn't find a good implementation of a simple debugging function which prints an array to the console, syslog and the kernel log. So i made one.

Create and Execute an Intel SGX Enclave.

On windows with the Intel SGX SDK in Visual Studio 2012 Pro.

Modify, compile and execute a Linux Kernel in QEMU.

How to modify a Linux Kernel and execute it in 5 minutes on Ubuntu.

Intel SGX - Theory vs Reality.

What are the advertised benefits of the Intel Software Guarded Extensions and can We use them?

First thoughts regarding Jekyll..

How to list posts by category and highlight liquid tags.